Danny joined R&G back in November of 2016 and has made fitness a priority again. 

Danny trains x3 times a week with R&G and made has tremendous progress with his mindset on proper food intake. 

Thanks Danny for listening, learning and the smile you bring everyday. 

Michelle McGivern

Michelle proves that it's never too late to change your life. One of our Original Members shares her personal journey and experience with R&G Fitness.

JEn wood

Jen is proof that pushing yourself physically can be life changing. Listen to her journey with fitness & personal success. 

Jen is married to her husband Scott and has 2 beautiful children. She currently lives in Prosper, TX. 

Emily Barnes

Emily wanted it......BAD!

Emily hopped on board with R&G Fitness in February of 2016.

Our warm hearted, crowd favorite, decided to take destiny into her own hands. She made a personal promise to change her mindset and body.  The picture says it all. These results didn't come without struggle and disappointment though. The first two months with R&G, Emily struggled to see progress. After those first 8 weeks she focused on a big shift in her nutritional habits. A new diet partnered with a deep competitive hunger to out train everyone in the gym, led to the new improved lifestyle & bod. 

The smile in the picture shows the true new found confidence. Keep working Barnes! 

Emily is still working on conquering her chin up and building lean muscle, and recently celebrated one year training with R&G.

Emily is a 5th Grade Teacher in Frisco, TX. 


Nick Lowe

Nick set a New Year's Resolution in January of 2015 to find a personal trainer and get in the best shape of his life. Once starting with Coach Beau and R&G Fitness, he never looked back.

He has lost over 40lbs! 

Beginning at 217lbs and currently at 175lbs. Starting at 27.8% body fat down to 13% currently. 

Nick current goals include dropping down to 10% body fat, joining the 1000lb club and improving his vertical leap. He is still working on transforming and improving his mind and body. He now experiences freedom & energy like never before. 

Nick currently uses the Ketogenic Diet & Keto OS for fat loss and energy. 

Nick is currently an EMT in McKinney and enjoys basketball and rock climbing on the weekends. 


George Rutledge

George Rutledge joined R&G Fitness with an ideal body goal in mind. He wanted and needed a full body and health transformation. He wanted it all.

We drew out a plan that would achieve the success he was looking for. He will admit that building the physical and nutritional habits in the beginning were tough. When he finally committed to his guided meal plans, everything changed. Now George uses the word "addicted" to describe his experience with R&G. 

George is down nearly 40lbs.

George joined in Oct of 2016. 

George currently works as an Insurance Agent in Plano, TX. 

IMG_5945 3.JPG

Jennifer Burns 

After Jennifer's first training, she gasped out....."That was the hardest thing that I have ever done". 

When many would have avoided the challenge and struggle, Jen embraced it which is why she is going to win. 

After only 2 months with R&G Fitness Jennifer is down 8% body fat, and is doing things she never thought possible. Pushing through workouts and developing cleaner eating habits, Jen is still full time mother, wife and educator at Scott Elementary in Frisco, TX. She is proud to of her transformation so far and is looking forward to the new wardrobe.

We at R&G are proud of her results but above all else we are inspired by her WILL to come back for that second workout.. She showed us that it is all about how bad do you want it. ❤️#rngstrong  

Watch out for Jen's future transformation. Big things to come.

Jenna landry

Jeanna's journey began before she joined R&G Fitness. She began with big ambitions of reaching an ideal weight after gaining weight to the point where she felt "embarrassed".

She dropped 40 pounds on her own through sheer will to change her lifestyle. After trying out one session, she was hooked and ready to commit to R&G's program.  

She is motivated and we are moved by her hard work and dedication. 

Jenna is a new mother to a new baby boy! Congratulations to Jenna on new found motherhood and her incredible transformation. 



Ashley Mack 

Dedication was the name of the game. Nothing was going to hold Ashley Mack from getting results. As one of R&G's Orginal Ten members, Ashley was seeing results she had never experienced before. 

Her habits shifted from pasta & pizza on a regular basis to lean meats and vegetables. She saw a spike in her energy and knew she had to stick with the program.

A move to Dallas shifted her fitness plans though. But did it hold her back? Nope! She traveled 30 minutes on North 75 four days a week to make her training schedule. She showed all of us that, "If Ashley can make it to training, we ALL can make it to training." 

Thank you Ashley for your persistence and hard work. 

Ashley currently lives in Addison, TX with her husband Prescott and son. 


Belinda Kelly

A team favorite Belinda Kelly knew it was time to get into shape after some health issues and numerous pills prescribed by an endless number of doctors. 

"I want to get off these pills!" she told us at R&G before the first training. 

Her mission was deeper than surface level. She needed to make a change for herself, her family and her legacy. She wanted to be around to see her children and grandchildren grow old. 

Belinda showed an unbreakable mentality and was always true to her word.  If she said she was going to be at training, there was a 100% chance she would be there with a smile. She took pride in changing her health and mindset for a purpose bigger than herself. 

Belinda lost 25 pounds before having to move to Dallas. She continues to transform and works with a personal trainer x5 a week. 

R&G was lucky enough to be there when she needed us. 

Great work Ms. B! Ultra proud of your accomplishments.