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We go to school, we play sports, we have mentors our whole lives....until the real world hits. All a sudden we are supposed to naviagte the world and our perosnal fitness with no help? We believe that everyone needs guidance to reach the next level in their journey. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Beau Smith

Coach & CEO

I'm / I'd / I'll

best when there is pressure / not be where I am now without kindness & my biceps / cheers to the moment

I prefer...

to smile / east coast rap (Jay-Z, Nas)

I would bring...

the life of the party / a shield if it was in the dress code

I drink...

Water / Bro Protein / Cabernet but not in a snobby way 

I am Beau Smith. I grew up in McKinney TX but have been many places. I am a washed up basketball player that has always enjoyed fitness. My first fitness gig was in Switzerland for 9 months learning my craft at D&R Performance. After returning home from Europe, I got a business sales job. QUIT after one day. I went back to training the next day.

I don't believe life is about becoming rich and famous. I believe our purpose is about giving back & providing value through God's given gifts. I am striving to help others make fitness & nutrition a long term goal. How can I make you think about your goals over the long term vs you thinking losing 20lbs in 4 days is actually a good idea....(it's not)
Love & Honesty is my motto and I am striving to make fitness simpler for you.  

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Jamie Smith

Owner, Coach & CCO (Chief Culture Officer)

I'm / I'd / I'll

full of energy (energizer bunny was my childhood nickname) / not make it through the day without coffee and leggings / go to bed after the dishes and kitchen are clean

I prefer...

to be in the sun everyday 

I would bring...

my sweet, crazy pup Lou that has the most facial expressions I’ve ever seen a dog have

I drink...

Water / La Croix / straight up COFFEE (no fufu cream) / protein / chilled Pinot Grigio

I am Jamie Smith. I was born and raised in the good life of Lincoln NE. Yes, I detasseled corn as a kid and quit after 6 days. After college and 1 year of teaching, I made the move to Switzerland with Beau for 9 months. We got engaged, I nannied for a wonderful family, and I got the chance to play for a women’s professional soccer team. However, I am still accepting my retirement from soccer. but am quickly reminded why when I go on the pitch and the come off with my ankles double the size. Swollen ankles after an Intramural league game nowadays is a good reminder on why Hanging up the cleats isn’t such a bad idea. 

After returning home from Europe, I got a teaching position and taught kindergarten then third grade ever since. I am getting ready to pass on my books, sticky notes and teacher schedule too join R&G full time as our Chief Culture Officer. I will be waking up at ungodly AM hours, pushing nutritional inspiration, and most importantly working beside my best friend. 

God never ceases to amaze me with what He has planned. I truly couldn’t imagine a better journey to be on. I am striving to help others think about health in the big picture and to push a new mentality on fitness to our clients. 

Our lives contain endless amounts of opportunity. I hope to help others find their potential.

Content Creator

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Bayley smith

Say hello to Bay. You’ll find Bayley snapping photos, or training with R&G when she isn’t flying around the world as a flight attendant. Bay manages R&G’s social & online presence. In a landscape that is forever changing, R&G plans to stay ahead of the game with our online community. With the help of Bay, we are able to accomplish tall that.

Say hi to this beautiful lady when you see her. She will hopefully be documenting your fitness journey at R&G, VERY soon.