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WE Wanted to Show Others a Realistic PAth...


Est. Oct. 2015

RISE&GRIND Fitness started when a small group of 10 individuals joined a 6 week outdoor workout program. 5:45 A.M. start time, rain or shine, we made sure we showed up and conquered the workout put fourth. A community was being built. 

We believe we have grown so rapidly because we actually care about our clients. We meet everyone where they are at in their journey and try to show them that small wins are how you reach your dream goals. 

We simplify training & nutrition to help you live your lifestyle. We cover everything from proper lifting form, what to do on your off days, and even how to think about food when you are out to dinner with your friends. 

With each member we provide love and honesty. But we believe that it is up to you to put in the work and it is YOUR choice to change your future. We just are here to cheer you on everyday and give you all the necessary tools to help you win. 

We have the team, education and support system to get you started. Let us prove to you why so many others love & train with R&G Fitness. 

Many gyms come in go, but we will be here for the long haul.

Let us show you why.


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