21 Day Shred Challenge

Beginning April 1st, 2019

This 21 day program has been developed to help you shed fat, get RIPPED and truly see what your body is capable of in terms of strength & fitness! It’s a REAL commitment for 21 days! The results are 100% worth it! 

Through the app you’ll be able to take your workouts with you anywhere.

What you’ll Need

Access to a gym

Smartphone to download R&G Training App

The Rules

Track Food Intake Everyday (though an app or handwritten)

No Junk Food (Fast Food, Sweets, Soda, Chips, etc.)

No Alcohol

Be Active Everyday (21 Days of workouts included in program)

Take Before & After Pictures

These are the same principles that helped Coach Jamie & Coach Beau lean out during their 21 Day Shred. This may be the program that propels you into a new healthy lifestyle or a program that leads you to lose that last 2-10 pounds you’ve been looking to shred.

All for only $37

Are you ready?