We grew up in the park and the garage. Fortunately, we have upgraded to an industrial space for a gym.


The Gym

344 E Louisiana St
McKinney, TX 75069

(972) 693-4277


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R&G has partnered up with local businesses to bring you more perks for being an R&G Member. Check out these awesome deals.

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And if you train with us, you know this. This is for those who are really ready to take their health and fitness to the next level. We are looking for those who want to transform and learn what it takes to alter their lifestyle. It takes discipline and heart.

If you know someone that is looking for a physical and mental shift, leave their info below and we make sure we reach out.

If they convert, they get HALF OFF their 1st month and you get HALF OFF of your next months fees. Simple and plain.


Our Class Times

We currently have four workout programs running, and you can attend any or all of them! We can recommend which ones might be best given where you are at in your fitness journey.


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Nutritional Coaching

They say diet is 90% of fitness, and while that might not be true, it is definitely a vital component if you want to see change. Our brief nutritional seminars are informal classes designed to help our members reach their goals.


Online Programs

We currently offer the 21 Day Shred as an e-book with all meals and workouts included. This $37 program is designed to help you drop weight while working out, pushing your body into peak fitness.


21 Day Shred