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Personal Training is the Death of Group Training

By September 10, 2019 One Comment

I’ve always been an advocate of group training. I grew up as an athlete, with other teammates cheering you on, slapping butts, talking trash and cussing each other up and down. It’s instilled in me at this point. Now its leading revenue driver in my business.

But there are certainly downsides.

Just like in business, the bigger the company becomes the harder it seems to be to keep a sense of personal importance. Many times you get lost in the weeds and you spend more time surfing facebook than you do working due to the bottlenecking of work flow, because Nancy never gets her work turned over to you on time.

Freakin’ Nancy man.

You end up losing your drive, your motivation and you skills never sharpen. At least not like when the company was only 10 people big.

The same can go for group fitness. Big groups can be great for moral. They can be high energy. They can be inspiring when the person next to you is working their butt off. As a fitness trainer for  the past 6 years, I believe community is an invaluable asset. An asset that I don’t think many actually appreciate in the moment unfortunately.

With that said, anyone here who has attended a group training class, you notice that big groups can allow you to hide or maybe even skip a round.

I mean, who will really notice? Who am I really harming? No babies died with me skipping that last pushup.

Part of that may be true. Unfortunately is the mentality that leads to so many people never seeing results they desire. Basically loser mentality.

I am not preaching, go hard or go home. There is a time and place for intensity and there is a time for recovery weeks. I’ve had my share of  burn out from hustle mentality.

At the end of the day though, we have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves ‘are we happy with our effort?’

Sometimes the best way to get the best out of yourself is by committing to someone else.

I personally believe that everyone who can afford a personal one on one training should acquire one. Athletes, celebrities, the rich all have personal trainers for a reason. You get to think less and you never get lost in the weeds. It’s a one person company and all the work is on YOU. No hiding. No missed reps. No confusion on the next exercise. Also, you have someone with superior knowledge helping you step by step. This improves safety, and accelerates progression.

It’s also pretty hard to cancel on someone waiting on ONLY you. Much harder to hit the snooze button when the whole session is ABOUT YOU!

We all need to be challenged to improve ourselves, and doing it alone is a lonely journey. Maybe the best thing you can do is to commit to yourself by committing to someone else. Find a coach near you. Ask around. There are plenty of great coaches in your area. It may just take some digging.

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